Alert - New Pricing Structure Effective Wednesday, March 25th

April 20, 2020

Alert - New Pricing Structure Effective Wednesday, March 25th

       Century Silver Exchange operates as a ministry and donates any profits at year-end to charity.  Throughout this recent period of explosive demand for silver, we have been continually offering the Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Round at prices far, far below other silver sellers in the United States.  Other sellers are offering rounds at literally $8.00 over spot for quantities under 20 ounces, and at best more than $4.00 over spot for quantities over 500 ounces.

       In the United States, rising silver supply delivery costs, costs for additional personnel and overtime shifts have driven the production, processing, and fulfillment costs up multiple times over the course of just the past 7 days.  A man from Canada called to order the Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Rounds yesterday. He told us that production is so far behind in his country, that it would take him at least 8 weeks to get silver in Canada.

       Given the rapidly rising production, processing and fulfillment costs, we are announcing another new pricing schedule that will take effect immediately on Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 for all exchanges for the Rounds.  We have needed to make a change for several days to keep pace with the rising costs, but have been able to hold off until now.

       Depending upon market conditions, it is very possible the pricing structure below could change again in the near future.  Check our website or call us at 877-936-7686 for updates.  If your funds are in transit and do not clear our bank accounts until March 25th, your exchange will fall under the new pricing below.

       Any funds received today on March 24th will be priced under the existing structure of Spot Price plus $2.75 for the One Ounce Rounds.  All online orders will be priced as shown in the "Pricing and Order Terms" that is agreed to with every order - be sure to read it before finishing your order.  

New Pricing Structure
Effective immediately on Wednesday
March 25th, 2020 is:

  • One Ounce Round:  Spot + $3.50
  • Half Ounce Round:  Spot + $2.25
  • Quarter Ounce Round:  Spot + $1.80
  • Tenth Ounce Round:  Spot + $1.70

       Call Century Silver Exchange with any questions, to request additional information, or to make an exchange.  Toll free 877-936-7686 or direct 205-317-7610.  Wire transactions are the fastest way to ensure you can make an exchange before tomorrow's pricing structure takes effect.

God bless,
Century Silver Exchange

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