Biggest Ponzi Scheme In History

May 02, 2024

Biggest Ponzi Scheme In History

The United States Dollar has become the Biggest Ponzi Scheme in history.

Just like with every "run-of-the-mill" Ponzi Scheme, the people who see it first and get out are the ones who keep their money.  Those who wait are left holding an empty bag.

The same will be true of History's Greatest:  The U.S. Dollar Ponzi Scheme.  Many of those who will be left with nothing are the ones just couldn't bring themselves to believe they had been utterly fooled and completely lied to.  Those who get out now can be protected. 

In Just How Bad of Shape is the U.S. Dollar?

We are rapidly approaching the point when the Annual Interest Expense alone on the U.S. Debt becomes greater than what we spend each year on National Defense.

Common sense tells us that this is just wrong.  Columnist Niall Ferguson adds a painful perspective from history, by reiterating recently what he calls "Ferguson's Law," stating:

"Any great power that spends more on debt service (interest payments on the national debt) than on defense will not stay great for very long. True of Hapsburg Spain, true of ancien régime France, true of the Ottoman Empire, true of the British Empire, this law is about to be put to the test by the US..."

U.S. Debt is going exponential, now in large part because the only way we can pay the exploding interest is by issuing new debt.  Foreign nations have woken up to this and are dumping the U.S. Dollar as quickly as they possibly can because there is a severe risk they will never be repaid for the debt issued by the United States.

Precious Metals Expert, Egon Von Greyerz, gave the following very simple prediction just a few days ago.

"Let us analyse the current and future of a U.S. Treasury debt:

  • Issuance (of Treasury debt:  Bonds, T-bills, etc.) will accelerate exponentially.
  • It will never be repaid.  At best only deferred or more probably defaulted on.
  • The value of the currency will fall precipitously

That's all there is to it.  Thus anyone who buys U.S. Treasuries or other sovereign bonds has a 99.9% guarantee of not getting his money back.

So Bonds are no longer an asset of value, but just a liability for the borrower that will not or cannot be repaid."

Speaking later of stocks, investment accounts, bonds, even real estate investments, and the like, Von Greyerz finishes with:

"There will no longer be a question of what return you can get on your investment.

Instead, it is a matter of losing as little as possible."

Adding Fuel to the Fire


If you ever played with a can of gasoline as a kid and threw some on a fire, then you know just how stupid and dangerous it is.

As if what is written above isn't enough, the United States Government just authorized something that will be akin to throwing a big can of gas on the already raging fire surrounding the failing U.S. Dollar.

The U.S. and other G7 Nations froze Russian assets (primarily U.S. Treasuries and U.S. Dollars) in 2022 at the start of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Now, U.S. Congress just authorized Joe Biden to confiscate these Russian assets and give the money to Ukraine.  They have moved from freezing assets to outright theft.

What this signals to the entire world is, "No one's money is safe when held in U.S. Dollars."  Fuel to the fire and another nail in the coffin.

There is much more that could be said, but you get the bottom line.

Your dollars are buying less and less every day.  Your money in the stock market, retirement accounts, bonds, real estate investments, etc., are on track to lose almost 100% of their current value.

The Ponzi Scheme has been revealed and many are starting to wake up, but not everyone is convinced yet.  The rush to the emergency fire exit door hasn't started.

But it's coming.

Make your moves now before everyone starts to run.

Get 90% of your funds out of History's Biggest Ponzi Scheme.  Keep in the bank only what you need for the next 6-12 months depending on your individual circumstances.  Preserve what you pull out with the physical Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Silver Rounds while you work on getting land and developing a life tied more closely to the soil.

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God bless,

Century Silver Exchange



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