Tucking Tail, or Standing Our Ground?

April 23, 2024

Tucking Tail, or Standing Our Ground?

There are some individuals and organizations out there who are seriously advocating that people obtain dual citizenship, store precious metals in other countries, and be ready to leave the United States when things get really bad.

One website has a sophisticated feature to help you compare, for example, the tax rates of different foreign countries, their crime rates, cost of living, ease of obtaining a passport/dual citizenship, etc.  And there is some momentum growing behind this type of thinking.

We're Not Going Anywhere

Though we understand the concept, we're not going anywhere.  The United States was chosen by Our Lady in a resolute decision, and this is where we will make our stand with Her and with you.

A Friend of Medjugorje aired a broadcast last August during which he covered an incredible prophecy given by Our Lady to George Washington.  A Friend of Medjugorje explained that we are walking in the midst of the fulfillment of this prophecy.

Where else would any red-blooded American want to go?  Listening to a Friend of Medjugorje's broadcast, "Is the Vision of 1777 Coming True?" (click here), will motivate you even more to preserve your wealth and make other physical moves.

Part of defending and saving Our Nation is preserving the wealth of the inhabitants.  If we are financially broken with no means of exchange, then we will be very weak as a Nation.

In addition to preserving wealth in the form of physical silver, it is also very important to America's strength that we put in place productive infrastructure on a local community level that will persist when "the lights go out."

All digital and paper assets are going to be revalued at zero or very close to zero.  What will retain their value, and become even more valuable, are real, productive assets - not only the land itself, but also the infrastructure with which you can physically produce something - tractors, fuel, tools, animals, water system, and like minded PEOPLE that can work together.

You definitely want to flee from the cities, but to save America, we need to be here, preserve our wealth here, and return to the strength that comes from being tied to the soil and to real assets.

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God bless,

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