Not Letting Go of the Great Taking

March 19, 2024

Not Letting Go of the Great Taking

A testimony was sent to Caritas several days ago that highlights how praying people, average people like you, have come to a more mature understanding of how evil is operating in the world, and how evil will not stop now that it has evolved its plans to this point. 

After listening more than once to a Friend of Medjugorje's broadcast, "Scary, If You Don't Make Changes Now," a woman wrote to Caritas:

"Hi Caritas family.  My husband just shared a simple yet profound observation after we had listened to "Scary...Unless  You Make Changes," a few times.

"My husband said, with the decades of effort that went into this diabolical plan, it's obvious that 'they are NOT going to abandon it.'

"Now that Century Silver just alerted us to NY Bank collapsing with branches in NJ, it's no time for nestegg sitters."

Those in power with evil plans are not going to easily let go of what that have been setting up and planning for decades.  Don't be fooled into thinking that your assets are safe in the system.

Listen to "Scary If You Don't Make Changes Now" to understand how "The Great Taking" will destroy all of your wealth.

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God bless,

Century Silver Exchange



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