Playing With Dominoes

February 02, 2024

Playing With Dominoes

Big Banks Are In Trouble Again

The world record for the biggest domino display ever constructed and toppled was set in 2009 in The Netherlands.  

Made up of 4.5 million dominoes, the record breaking structure took 90 domino experts from 14 different European countries several days to construct.

The experts literally used tweezers to ensure each domino was placed with perfect precision.


How Long Did It Take

For All 4.5 Million Dominoes To Fall?

90 Minutes.

Just 90 minutes for the world’s biggest domino structure to fall apart.

The Global Banking System is the Biggest Domino structure in all of history.

Decades of careful construction.  Tweezer-Precision placement of people, laws, regulations, etc., with input and participation from “experts” all over the world.

And in the end, the whole system is terribly, terribly fragile.

Commercial Real Estate in Trouble.

Dominoes Are Lined Up.

Regional banks just saw their stock prices plummet for two days in a row.  The fall was ignited by the reporting of a $252 million 4th quarter loss and a 70% dividend reduction by New York Community Bancorp, the 34th largest bank in the U.S.  The reported loss was primarily caused by the devaluation of commercial real estate loans.  New York Community Bancorp share price plummeted by 45%.  Other banks quickly followed, and the contagion has even spilled out internationally.

Aozora Bank, the 16th largest bank in Japan, lost 25% of its share price over two days after writing down the value of some of its American Office Tower loans by HALF.  

You are dead wrong if you think your money is safe in the bank, in retirement accounts, pensions, life insurance, or other investment accounts.  All will be consumed when the dominoes start to fall.

Can you make all the moves you need to make in less than 90 minutes?

A Friend of Medjugorje has been telling you for decades to start making changes now.  Don’t you dare say
“I’ll deal with it when it comes.”  It will be too late for you.

Listen by clicking below to a Friend of Medjugorje’s three most recent
Radio WAVE broadcasts to understand how the system is ready to take everything from you, in a blink:

The only way to escape what is coming and insulate yourself from the system is to abandon it.  It is not important to immediately know every detail of what you must do.  The most important thing is to start immediately, and then keep methodically pushing.

The most immediate way to protect your wealth is to turn worthless paper and electronic money into physical silver in the Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Rounds.  After you get your money out, you can then proceed to move towards and make decisions about land, you water supply, productive assets and equipment, like-minded people, etc.

When the dominoes really start to fall it will be too late to make your moves.

Get your money out of the bank, out of retirement and investment accounts, etc., now.

What Do People Feel When Their Silver Arrives?

A Testimony

“Peace is here.  I am so joyful…

“Your work is a blessing for the world.”


— Margot, North Dakota, describing what she felt when her silver arrived.

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God bless,
Century Silver Exchange

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