Silver Price and Cyber Attacks

June 30, 2017

Silver Price and Cyber Attacks

The massive cyber attacks that occurred in Europe earlier this week have given rise to a heightened awareness of every nation’s, every business’, every individual’s increasing vulnerability to hackers and potential massive disruption to critical infrastructure – power, water, baking, fuel, food, everything. It’s not time to panic, but it is time to take determined, concrete steps to protect yourself.

You certainly cannot eat silver…But you can hold it in your hands and you can use it as a means of exchange during infrastructure collapse, be it temporary or long-term. It won’t disappear like numbers on a bank computer screen. You physically hold it.  Nobody can digitally “hack” your silver store.  This is not an endorsement of the “Prepping” mindset, but preparing for the collapses that will come in the future is part of a concrete decision framework to take steps, even small steps, to move towards a more permanent independence from the fragile systems by which our world currently operates.

Building your own independence is important.  But perhaps just as important, is to foster independence from the current systems in the little “world” that surrounds you – your family, your friends, your boss, neighbors, co-workers, your priest or pastor, your prayer group, Knights of Columbus groups, local business, etc.  You can do this by introducing them to the book It Ain’t Gonna Happen, by a Friend of Medjugorje, and the Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Round.

Explain the philosophies to them.  Today, more than every, more and more people are starving for answers.  You can help them, and at the same time help yourself by having a more stable network surrounding you.  With both physical and spiritual value, the Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Round is an unparalleled choice for exchanging dollars for physical silver.

Silver Price 

What about silver price?  Silver closed at about $16.70 yesterday, which is only about $1.00 more per ounce than its one-year low.  Silver has been under $17.00 per ounce for about the last two weeks.  You can order any amount of ounces from Century – there is no minimum.  We’ll walk you through the whole process, and we “white glove” each one of your purchases.  Call us yourself or pass our information along to those you know and love – 877-936-7686. 

God bless,

Century Silver Exchange

“Faith based, honest, good service.”

-Customer comment about Century Silver Exchange from our customer survey earlier this week  


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