Silver Price Drops $0.75 Per Ounce in Two Hours. Why?

August 04, 2017

Silver Price Drops $0.75 Per Ounce in Two Hours. Why?

Silver Spot dropped about $0.75 per ounce in about two hours today. WHY?

Did any of silver's properties change?


Was there a change in mine supply? 


Was another metal discovered that can take silver's place in industry?


So what was the major thing that happened to cause silver price to drop by about 4.5%?

A bunch of words. A positive jobs report was released in the morning. Jobs are up. The economy appears stronger.

What does that tell us? The numbers on the screen that tell us how much silver "costs" changed at the release of some "news." But the value of silver did not change. The value of silver could not possibly have changed that fast from one moment to the next.

Market price fluctuations are so common, they move minute by minute, and yet as you see, they mean almost nothing about the real value of silver. A decisive movement to exchange your paper dollars for real silver in the Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Round means you can be in peace while the waves of price fluctuation roll in and out day after day like waves with the tide. You know the real value of silver will always be there.

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God Bless,
Century Silver Exchange


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