Big Silver Squeeze - Coming Soon? Or Already Here?

March 23, 2021

Big Silver Squeeze - Coming Soon?  Or Already Here?

There are a growing number of expert voices in the silver markets who argue that a silver shortage is NOT coming in the future.  These experts claim the shortage already exists.  It simply has yet to be exposed.  

There are several massive paper silver investment vehicles in the financial markets. These paper silver “funds” are supposed to own an equal amount of physical silver as “backing,” physically stored in bullion vaults in London England and a few other major cities.

The experts are stating that some, and quite possibly a lot, of the physical silver these “paper funds” claim to own and hold in storage is NOT PHYSICALLY THERE and not actually owned.

The fraud has not yet been fully proved, but the evidence is mounting, and the voices sounding the alarm are increasing. If this physical shortage is true and gets exposed, it could trigger a run on physical silver and rapidly drive up the price of silver.

Federal Reserve is Running the Presses

The time to exchange paper money for physical silver is now.  The Federal Reserve printed more money in 2020 than any other year ever before.  Inflation invariably follows money printing.  More printing, more inflation.  With inflation, your paper dollars will become worth less and worth less, until they become worthless.

Call Century Silver Exchange at 877-936-7686 to discuss how to move out of paper and into the physical Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Round.

God bless,

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