Stock Market Crash - Prophetic Words from a Friend of Medjugorje Fulfilled

February 07, 2018

Stock Market Crash - Prophetic Words from a Friend of Medjugorje Fulfilled

             Prophetic words from a Friend of Medjugorje were literally fulfilled after his Mejanomics broadcast last Thursday, February 1, "Dig Through the News and You Will Find Our Lady."

What happened First?

       A Friend of Medjugorje stated in his Thursday, February 1, Mejanomics Broadcast:

1.  The stock markets are overheated.

2.  The large gains are speculative.

3.  The positive gains in jobs, stock market, etc., are a temporary "reprieve" that is giving people an opportunity to properly position themselves.

4.  Don't think you can "time" the markets and get out just at the right time.  This is blindness.

5.  We have a promise from Our Lady that everything that is not of God will crash and fall apart.

What Happened Next?

The very next day...

The Dow Jones stock market index crashed on Friday, February 2, the very next day. 1

What Happened After That?

The Dow Jones index plunged a second time on Monday, February 5th, nearly 1,600 points at its lowest during the day - the worst intraday decline in history2


Are You Being Fed?  Are you Growing?

       If you are not making Mejanomics a part of your weekly and regular "feed" of Our Lady and Her worldview, you will miss out on important information and direction to help you properly position yourself for the future.  You will miss out on prophecy. 

       It is important not only to grasp generally the basic concepts of silver and the Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Round and their importance, but also to grow and deepen your understanding and conviction on an ongoing basis.

       To grow in the way of Our Lady strengthens you for the decisions you must make for your own future, but also very importantly, it gives you the depth of understanding, conviction, verbiage, and tools to be able to help others with these concepts as an Apostle of Our Lady.

       Visit here to listen to "Dig Through the News and You Will Find Our Lady."  It is important to listen more than once.  Receive a free copy of this broadcast on CD by calling us or sending us a message at

      We are available to discuss these concepts with you by phone and explain the secure and easy order and fulfillment process.   Call us at 877-936-7686. 

God bless,
Century Silver Exchange

1.  "Dow Plunges amid rate-hike fears after strong jobs report."  Adam Shell.  USA Today, February 2, 2018.
2.  "Dow ends more than 1,100 points lower as selloff deepens."  Sue Chang and Ryan Vlastelica.  Market Watch, February 5, 2018.

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