Swimming with Sharks, Part Eleven: Something Close to Nausea

July 20, 2017

Swimming with Sharks, Part Eleven: Something Close to Nausea

“Thinking of how dangerous and explosively unstable the global financial sector has become, and how deeply embedded, I feel something close to nausea.”1 

...How is this ever going to be put right, or at least brought back under control?...no credible alternative to the financial status quo has been developed in the case of the next crash. That crash will therefore be ‘won’ by the global financial sector again, meaning the rest of us will have to pay up once more before seeing the system being restarted the way it was after 2008 – assuming it will be possible to resurrect it in the first place.”

Author of Swimming with Sharks: Inside the World of the Bankers, Joris Lujendijk, tried hard to find the silver lining towards the end of his book. He found only nausea and the understanding that he, and you, the taxpayers, are going pay for the next crash.

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