Swimming with Sharks, Part Nine: A Near Miss

July 06, 2017

Swimming with Sharks, Part Nine: A Near Miss

We went from “We nearly died from this” to “We survived this.”

Lujendijk interviewed an individual who worked in “finance” and retired a few years after the 2008 crash. This individual was still angry about what happened. He likened the reaction to the financial crash to that of having a near miss with a car crash. He said:

There is the adrenaline surge directly after the lucky escape, followed by the huge shock when you realize what could have happened. But as the journey continues and the scene recedes in the rear view mirror, you tell yourself: maybe it wasn’t that bad. The memory of your panic fades, and you even begin to misremember what happened. Was it really that bad?...If you had told people at the height of the crisis that years later we’d have had no fundamental changes, nobody would have believed you. Such was the panic and fear. But here we are. It’s back to business as usual. We went from ‘We nearly died from this’ to ‘We survived this.’” 1

Time has a soothing effect. The bankers themselves acknowledged that during the 2008 crash, the entire world was on the brink of total financial collapse. The panic was real. But that reality has lost its sting. We went from “We almost died,” to “We survived.” A subtle distinction, but no doubt, a distinction it seems just about everyone would admit to succumbing to. It certainly makes us feel better. But the sense of security is a false one.

We have no intention of trying to predict the timing of the next financial crash. Nor do we think it is a good idea to try and minutely time your purchases of the Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Round with movements in spot price. In fact, most conventional advice about investing holds that making investment decisions by trying to predict future market values and thereby “time” your purchases and sales for greater gains can be a very damaging strategy.

What is important, then, is your decision. Make a decision to exit the failing systems, act when Our Lady shows you to in prayer, and you can have peace with your purchase of Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Rounds, no matter if price moves a couple dollars in one direction or another, or even many dollars in one direction or another. Yes, spot price affects how many ounces you receive per dollar exchanged, but an excessive focus on spot price means you have missed the point entirely.

Your family and friends need to understand not only that it is important to exchange paper dollars for physical silver, but also that the purpose is not to make money on the silver market. Make sure those you share this with receive a complete understanding of the philosophy behind the Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Round. Give them the book, It Ain’t Gonna Happen, by a Friend of Medjugorje. If they are not ready for the spiritual side, call us to obtain a copy of the book Swimming with Sharks that will easily help them see the material urgency of getting out of paper. We will answer any questions you or your family and friends may have. You can reach us at 877-936-7686.

God bless,
Century Silver Exchange


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