Swimming With Sharks, Part One: A Very Powerful Multi-Part Series Begins Now

April 27, 2017

Swimming With Sharks, Part One: A Very Powerful Multi-Part Series Begins Now

While traveling recently, we came across an incredible book titled, Swimming With Sharks – Inside the World of the Bankers.  It blew us away. It was an analysis of the banking system in London by someone who would be considered an “outsider,” someone who didn’t really have an understanding of the banking system and how it really works. Being an outsider gave the author the ability to present the information in a way that is easy for anyone to digest. We know many of you would describe yourselves as “outsiders” in the same way, and so you will benefit greatly from this perspective. Even if you consider yourself “in the know,” you will benefit just the same.

In the "Swimming with Sharks Series" we will be sharing some of the more powerful points from the book with you and offering some insights in regard to what we read. 

There is so much powerful information to cover, we will be breaking down and sharing these insights with you in “bite size” segments, “shark bites” if you will, over the course of the coming weeks and months. 

The Church teaches the two paths to Heaven are: 

1. Love of God


2. Fear of going to hell. 

Similarly, there are two ways of thinking that can move you to exit the existing, corrupt financial systems: 

1. A reasoned understanding and acceptance of the Biblical perspective of money and economy that moves you to action. (see the book It Ain't Gonna Happen)


 2. Fear of losing your money

Our “Swimming with Sharks Series" is not intended to create an unrealistic fear or panic, but to give a picture of the reality of the complex, fragile, and dominating financial systems, which when some of the layers are peeled back, really is scary. We believe when presented with the information we will share with you, you will be moved to, not a panic, but a healthy and justified fear of the financial systems that will impel you and your loved ones to informed and decisive action.

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