Swimming with Sharks, Part Ten: It’s Not the People

July 13, 2017

Swimming with Sharks, Part Ten: It’s Not the People

“I am convinced that were we to pack off all the employees in the City [the London financial district] to a desert island and replace them with a quarter of a million new people, we would see in no time the same kind of abuse and dysfunctionality. The problem is the system...”1

There are people with bad mentalities working in the banking systems, but there are people like that in every industry. When a financial scandal happens, banks and the mainstream media love to point to those bad apples as though these individuals were the main cause of the failure. They fire them and lament their bad behavior, and “now everything is ok.” Much of the public buys in to this reasoning as well. After all his interviews and analysis, Lujendijk’s statement above shows he has come to a completely different conclusion that the public is now also beginning to wake up to. The system is the problem.

It is the system. It is the system. It is the system. The system has grown to such a point that it is unrepairable. The only solution now, which Lujendijk and most of the world still do not get however, is to exit the system. Make your exit in a determined, reasoned, rational manner; not panicking, but moving as quickly as possible, always through prayer. Read or re-read the book, It Ain’t Gonna Happen, by a Friend of Medjugorje, as an impetus and guide for you or your loved ones.

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