Silver Crashes $1.80 in Seconds—What Does That Mean for You?

July 11, 2017

Silver Crashes $1.80 in Seconds—What Does That Mean for You?

There was a flash crash in the silver markets on Thursday, July 8th. Price plunged for a brief period, about $1.80 per ounce1, then came right back up.

Many point towards "high frequency trading" as the culprit. High frequency trading is the super high speed and high frequency trading performed by the computer systems of the investment banking firms. Complex computer logic drives the trades that are made automatically by the computers which are programmed to momentarily take advantage of minute price differences for profit. People write the programs and can make changes to the programs, but in fractions of seconds and before anyone can intervene, drastic changes can happen in the market, moving prices and causing havoc. However, although high frequency trading may be the cause, no one can be 100% sure what happened.

What we can be certain of, though, is that someone, somewhere, somehow, made windfall profits on this flash crash. By probability, it can be assumed that some group or some firm bought a lot of paper silver when price bottomed out at $14.34 per ounce2 and sold it later when price rebounded, making big profits. The computer systems do it automatically.

What does this mean for those holding the Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Round?

Physical silver is different than stocks and bonds and other paper financial instruments. Silver’s true value will always be there, even if the numbers on the screen tell a different story for a short time. The Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Round is not for short-term profits, but rather to exchange what is currently worthless, paper assets, for intrinsic value for the long-term. Holding physical silver gives peace that you are in physical possession of an asset that will always have value. Paper assets are, more and more each day, exposed to continual and very volatile risk levels.

Silver price is hovering around $15.75 per ounce as of this writing to you. We are available to answer questions and help you exchange your paper assets for the Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Round. Expand the sphere of financial security around you by referring family, friends, co-workers, your pastor or priest to Century Silver Exchange.

P.S. The book Swimming With Sharks: Inside the World of the Bankers, is available to you. Call us to find out how to obtain a free copy.


1 “Silver Plunges in yet Another Mysterious Market ‘Flash Crash,’” Evelyn Cheng, July 7, 2017, CNBC
2 ibid.


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