One Troy Ounce Special Occasion Gift Chest

One Troy Ounce "Proof-like" Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Round in black velour jewelry box - .999 Pure Silver. Perfect for First Communions, graduations, birthdays, or any special occasion. No more need to give another meaningless gift card. "Proof-like" quality rounds are produced in a careful stamping process that results in a more highly polished end product, elevating the beauty and detailed finish of the images on the rounds. Although they have the same silver content as a normal, bullion quality round, the Proof-like round has a much higher finished quality than a bullion round due to the level of care during production. The Proof-like round is protected in an acrylic capsule to preserve its quality and beauty for generations. (Picture is a likeness only. Actual proof-like rounds may differ some in appearance.)

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