The Risk Of Doing Nothing

June 20, 2018 1 Comment

The Risk Of Doing Nothing

The Risk of Doing Nothing
Even the Financial "Elite" are Deceived
We recently read an article titled, "The Risk of Doing Nothing."  It was written by a man with the title, "Head of Investment Strategy," at a London based Investment Management Firm.

       The author relayed that to hold your money in the bank, is to "do nothing" with it.  He stated the risk involved with "doing nothing" is that you will lose purchasing power, because the rate of inflation (increasing prices) has been greater than the rate at which you are earning interest on your money in the bank.  He wants you to choose his firm to help you invest.
What is the Real Risk of Doing Nothing?

       The Head of Investment Strategy certainly misses the real risk that holders of cash and other paper investments are carrying. On one hand, yes, everyone is losing purchasing power because of inflation. But the real risk, the greatest risk today of "Doing Nothing" with your wealth by keeping it in cash or other paper investments is that you may lose ALL of it. Not just a few percentage points of purchasing power, but all of your purchasing power. All of what you have worked your whole life for.
      Review history. Many, many people lost all their wealth when a currency collapsed. We are heading in that direction, not with just one currency, but with the world economy.

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Wayne De Mitis
Wayne De Mitis

February 10, 2021

I read in the bible Ezekiel 7:19 and I was wondering if I should be buying silver coins. Your thoughts please. Thank you

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