You Can't Eat Silver

February 21, 2024

You Can't Eat Silver

A Friend of Medjugorje has said many times, "You cannot eat silver." 

The emphasis we place on physical silver and the Miraculous Medal Medjugorje Rounds must be understood in the context of what he wrote in his book, It Ain't Gonna Happen.

Below is a short but excellent excerpt from It Ain't Gonna Happen in which a Friend of Medjugorje explains very simply how physical silver factors into your transition plan to a new way of life.

Begin excerpt from It Ain't Gonna Happen:


So is it being written that whatever you do, buy silver?  No, the best thing to have is the new way of life Our Lady brings to the world today.  Silver can be a means to temporarily help you get there.  But on the other hand, silver can be bad if possessed for the wrong reasons.  The Bible, in the book of James 5:1–6 shows this danger.

“As for you rich, weep and wail over your impending miseries.  Your wealth has rotted, your fine wardrobe has grown moth-eaten, your gold and silver have corroded, and their corrosion shall be a testimony against you; it will devour your flesh like a fire.  See what you have stored up for yourselves against the last days.  Here, crying aloud, are the wages you withheld from the farmhands who harvested your fields.  The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord of hosts.  You lived in wanton luxury on the earth; you fattened yourselves for the day of slaughter.  You condemned, even killed, the just man; he does not resist you.”

Christians, for ages, often lined chalices with silver,* each destined to hold the Blood of Christ.  Judases, for ages, have often sold the Body of Christ for 30 pieces of silver, more or less.  Both groups have used silver.  One group ‘lined’ the way to Heaven with its proper use.  The other ‘lined’ a slippery slope into hell with its improper use.  Therefore, it is not the silver that is good or evil.  It is the heart and what is behind your motivation of what you actually carry out.  But a word of caution as to intentions of the heart. St. Louis de Montfort said of the evangelizers of the last days who will be the apostles of the last days:

“Attached to nothing…They will sleep without gold or silver…”

Therefore, your intentions in acquiring silver must be based not in love of silver, but love in turning what you have into an instrument of conversion to help all toward an eternal reward. These rounds will be here for generations, who will be ‘carrying’ the conversion piece. No one will simply throw it away. Your motivation must be first seeking the Kingdom of God, unattached to the hoarding or inordinate want of silver, and for the purpose of what Our Lady’s words said:

January 25, 2009

“…for all worldly things to be a help for you to draw you closer to God the Creator…”

It is your actions, that will be judged, not your ‘intentions’ of what you plan to carry out, because remember the road to hell is also paved with good intentions. Therefore, you must bring into reality efforts for the Kingdom of God. Is your ‘silver’ for building God’s Kingdom and Our Lady’s way of life or your kingdom and a worldly way of life?

However, going back in comparing what is the better thing to have: silver and gold or ‘a way of life,’ the goal is to create a way of life in which you depend less and less on the dollar. In other words, the more you can live well without the need for the dollar, is superior to having silver, gold and the likes. Once you change the direction of your life, and plan to get away from the economic system as it runs today, silver can be used as a transition, a step to help you get to the new way of life that Our Lady is pointing us to.

Mary and Joseph being given gold at Jesus’ birth, certainly used gold to help them establish a new direction in their lives, when for several years, they had to flee to Egypt. Silver, therefore, can be used while you are building a new way of life, as silver safeguards what you have in the interim... But likewise, Our Lady does not want you to depend on mammon. When you do, you become its slave. In that sense, Our Lady does not want you to seek silver for the sake of silver, for you cannot serve two masters. Silver is presented to you as what God made for man, and for you to use it to safeguard what you have. Paralleling that the use of silver can also help in Our Lady’s plan for conversion, thereby safeguarding souls.


*Although silver was often used to line both the paten and the chalice, gold was more often used and was preferred by Rome.


End of excerpt from It Ain't Gonna Happen.

It Ain't Gonna Happen by a Friend of Medjugorje is essential for a full understanding of the importance of holding not just any silver, but of holding silver that is sanctified by its purpose of spreading conversion to others.

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God bless,

Century Silver Exchange

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